I have been examining the deckplans on the inside of the cover of Eaton & Hass' Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy and I noticed that the plans answered many of my questions I had about the whereabouts of some things. The dog kennel for one thing. What is the source of these deckplans? Can they be trusted completely or do they have any uncertainties?

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These deck plans are from NARA (National Archives and Record Administration) in New York, NY. The deck plans in the book can be trusted, but the original plans that they copied from (in my opinion) are better. Eaton and Haas claim to fix up some inaccuracies, but as they seem to have drawn the plans from scratch, in the process they let some inaccuracies slip up.

The dog kennels have been disputed for some time. Even though these deck plans show them on F deck, there is still a possibility they were on the boat deck. Overall, the original deck plans from NARA are the best general arrangement Titanic plans in my opinion.