Decorations of Cunard Captains

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Hello Folks,

For a very long while now I've been collating information on RMS Caronia (II) Captains and voyages. The final part is proving to be the most difficult, so I'm hoping to find some knowledgeable people here who may hold the answers.

Within this Caronia's Captains list - I'm attempting to add their decorations and there are several for whom I cannot find any information.
Capt. Donald W. Sorrell
Capt. Henry Dixon
Capt. Cyril I. Thompson
Capt. Charles S. Williams
Capt. George G.H. Morris
Capt. William T. Fitzgerald
Capt. Sydney A. Jones
Capt. John Treasure Jones

It's my belief that some Captains, Donald Sorrell being one, always insisted that nothing be printed behind their names on any ephemera, such as daily programs, log cards etc., which is now proving to make this research very difficult.

One purpose of collating this information is to try and establish the proportion of time where a blue rather than red ensign was flown. Sadly, the crew records deposited with US immigration don't show anything more than Lastname and perhaps a Forename.

There appears to be very little information like this anywhere on the Web, so completing this small task can help redress this. Any help would be much appreciated - thanks.
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