Demolition of Titanic Belfast and other historic buildings disarray

This thread was created after Aaron_2016 referenced on the thread Titanic: The New Evidence highlighted the recent and bizarre trend in Belfast to demolish buildings of immense historic importance to the Harland & Wolff Shipyard and Titanic in general.

Houses / offices that were used by H&W workers were bulldozed in the 1990's to make way for the Titanic Belfast Compass / Bow shaped Building along with other examples.

What are your thoughts on this and have you notice other buildings in Southampton / Queenstown or elsewhere with significance importance that been put at risk or destoryed?


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St Joseph's church in the Sailortown district of Belfast was used by generations of shipyard workers and no doubt received many mourners following the Titanic disaster. Sadly the building has been closed for many years and is now literally falling apart and facing demolition. The council issued a warning that the building is a hazard to the public and the owners have been given three choices. Repair it, restore it, or demolish it, but owing to their tight budget they are faced with the grim possibility that the building may have to be demolished which is a shame as it is an integral part of the maritime history of Belfast and the Titanic.

Image from Google earth.