Details in James Cameron's Titanic script - fact or fiction?

I've been a Titanic buff since I was 3 years old back in the 70s. When I heard James Cameron would be releasing a Titanic film, I was naturally excited, so I tracked down the script. For the most part, the details are great, and he stays true to history (with the exception of the Jack and Rose storyline), but there were two details that I read in the script that never appeared in the film. Two details I've researched, but couldn't find any proof it was true.

1. In the script word gets back to one of the pursuers that there is someone trying to break into the office and the safe. Did someone really attempt to break into the office? This detail had nothing to do with the fictional storyline, and it involved real people from the disaster, but I've never read about something like this.
There are several versions of Cameron's script online, and most of them contain elements that didn't make it into the final shooting script. Whatever, when you're writing a fictionalised version of history there's plenty of scope for speculation about things that might have happened, especially where there is no surviving evidence either way. As the pursers and their clerks all died, the possibility you mention is a case in point.

Brad Rousse

If I remember the scene correctly, a crewman is telling the Master of Arms that has captured Jack that there is a "mob" at the second class purser's office. So, no, not people trying to break in, more a crush of people trying to get their valuables. I'm fairly certain several people recalled such a mob until McElroy ordered everyone up top and closed the offices.