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Terence Paul Senior

It has long been my belief that my Grandfather supplied information from his diaries for the film "A Night to Remember". The diary has since been lost, would any body have any information on the exact details he supplied to the film company?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Regards, Terry Senior

Andrew Williams

Hi Terry,

As I'm new to the Board, I've been searching through the various threads and notice your request in connection with Harold Senior.

Amongst my possessions I have William MacQuitty autobiograpghy called:- A Life To Remember. Unfortunately there's no reference or even a mention about Harold Senior. I would therefore, strongly advise you to write to MacQuitty c/o The Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London. MacQuitty might be able to confirm or even elobrate a bit more details if your late grandfather gave any assistance in the making of the film A Night To Remember.

Otherwise I hope this will answer some of your questions.

Regards-Andrew Williams.

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