DiCaprio was not the first to see the iceberg!

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Jim Currie

Apr 16, 2008
NewtonMearns, Glasgow, Scotland.

DiCaprio not first to see Titanic Iceberg!

It'll soon be time for us to reprise the sinking of the White Star Liner RMS Titanic.

The media will be sinking under a load of new books, articles and TV shows. James Cameron will produce an updated 3D version of his version of what happened that fateful night way back in 1912. The result will be more revealing facts than you can shake a stick at!

What most people will not know is, that one of the first if not the first reenactment of that terrible disaster took place in Venice, California, U.S.A.

It was performed by a entrepreneurial showman by the name of Louis Klein and took place at the Windward Avenue Pier.

Pretty cool stuff you might say! But what about this little bit of thought-titillation?

During the United States Senate Inquiry following the tragedy, the man in charge, Senator William Alden Smith, was told about a Titanic crew member who was telling everyone who would listen to him damning story about the ship's officers.

It seems that on the night of the disaster, the man was standing right up-front at the bow of Titanic. Much as did Di Caprio and Winslet!No doubt he was humming to himself a few bars of ' My Heart Will Go On". Suddenly he saw this enormous iceberg right in the path of the ship.
Without a thought for his own safety and because there did not seem to be anyone on duty on the bridge or lookouts in the Crow's nest, the man stumbled blindly in the pitch-darkness across the cluttered forecastle deck to a bell situated at the base of the foremast.
Grasping the bell rope, he frantically rang out a warning while at the same time yelled 'iceberg right ahead'.
No one paid the slightest bit of attention to this dire warning and the rest as we say ' is history'.

Later, the man discovered that the Captain and all the officers were... in sailing-ship parlance... "three sheets to the wind".
Nowadays, we know this as " feeling no pain" or getting "blasted".

On hearing this tale, Senator Smith dispatched a Minuteman to Cleveland Ohio where the man was situated. He then brought him back to Washington and ensconced him in a local hotel to await the pleasure of the Senator.
Meantime, Senator Smith asked around to see if he could find a crew member to back -up the man's story. To his extreme chagrin, he discovered that the man in question had never set a foot on the deck of Titanic!

There was, however a crew member who bore the same surname as the man in the hostelry. Unfortunately, that poor man had perished in the disaster! So who was the hero in the hotel?
The minuteman was duly fueled-up and dispatched to find out.

When he arrived at the hotel, he found that the bird had flown the coop. His signature on the hotel register showed him to be Louise Klein.

Was this the same Louis Klein who opened to rapturous applause at the Windward Avenue Pier.. The man who in 1915, followed-up his first success with a rendering of the loss of the SS Lucitania?

Captain Jim Currie, 2012.
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