Dickinson H and Helen W Bishop

I have a correction for the bio of Dickinson Bishop...His birthdate is listed in ET as 24 March 1887...This is wrong. I noticed several newspaper clippings that give this date. And according to his death record, it lists the same date. But that is second hand information. And from being a genealogist for 20 years, I have seen 1000's of mistakes like this. Especially when the information comes second hand.

The correct birth information:

According to the birth records it says he was born 15 April 1887 (source: State of Michigan, Cass Co. Birth Register, Vol. B page 212.).

If anyone would like a full transcript of the birth record, let me know. I have a photocopy of the full record.

As for Helen Walton Bishop, I have a lot of information on her and her family since she was from my hometown Sturgis (I have photos of her grave out at Oaklawn and other family photos). A collegue and I are in the process of compiling information on Helen for a book about her life.
Awhile back somebody asked what Dickinson H. Bishop's middle name was. Is it on the birth certificate?
Good luck on the continuing Helen Bishop research.
Hi, Because so little is written on the Helen and Dickinson, I would like to attempt to take on the challenge of publishing an article or even a biography on the couple. Apart from this wonderful site and all the Titanic books out there (I've been through all of them) Is there anyone I can contact who can provide me with further information and/or material (i.e. photographs) on Helen and "Dick"? The only photos I can locate are the news clipping of the couple in their bios and the two of Helen in 'Titanic: Women and Children First'. I know Dickinson had a daughter in his second marriage, but whether or not she is still alive I don't know (as of 2000 she was). The couple have been in my interest for quite some time.

Thanking you in advance,
Trevor Powell

There are at least two books, I believe, written about prominent former residents of Dowagiac, Michigan and he is included, so I suggest you get in touch with the public library there, since I imagine these books have fairly limited distribution. I read an article about the publication of one of these books in which Bishop was described by one of the principals or principal employees of either The Beckwith Company or Round Oak as a "young playboy stockholder." His wife, on the other hand, was described as "the belle of Sturgis society." I don't know if those things have also been said in Titanic books.
Hi Caroline, Thank you very much. I will take this into consideration. Also, you are correct; his daughter I speak of came from his third marriage. Thanks again.

Does anyone know if she is still alive?
A couple of years ago there was a board member who told us she was in the process of having a biographical book about the life of Helen Bishop published. She was having legal troubles at the time of the post; someone had stolen her research, I believe. However, she never updated us on the situation, so whose to say what became of the biography? An attempt to find that thread was fruitless.

I myself would be very pleased to see a thorough biography of the couple written. I'd certainly add it to my library.
Okay, so I managed to find the thread after all. Here's the link:

I was the one who posted that I was writing a book about Dick and Helen Bishop, it is finished and ready to go to press. The editors have it now and there are a few legal things to wrap up with the use of certain information, photos, etc, but I am hoping it will go to press by the spring of next year.

For those that knew of the legal problems with the theft of my work, I won the court case and the person has been dealt with, finally, and that was the biggest delay in the finishing of the book.

I didn't give updates because I didn't have any to give, sorry about that.
Hello Rachel,

I'm very pleased to hear of the positive outcome of your court case. No worries about the updates. I'm just glad we're that much closer to a new full-scale biography of two intriguing first class passengers. When it is released, I do still plan on making it an addition to my collection.
Dear Rachel
What excellent news! Do you have a tentative publication date? Will it be available in book stores like Borders or through Amazon?
Woops- sorry, I missed the line about it going to press in the spring. May I ask how someone stole your info? Did they hack into your computer or did you share it with a 'supposed' friend?
Congrats, Rachel. I hope and trust you'll let us know as soon as it's released!

I look forward to it. I've always thought this couple especially interesting. Very much products of their times, with tragic results.
But this is only my sense of them, and I can't wait to see the results of your research!