Dickinson H and Helen W Bishop


Rachel Boland

I have a correction for the bio of Dickinson Bishop...His birthdate is listed in ET as 24 March 1887...This is wrong. I noticed several newspaper clippings that give this date. And according to his death record, it lists the same date. But that is second hand information. And from being a genealogist for 20 years, I have seen 1000's of mistakes like this. Especially when the information comes second hand.

The correct birth information:

According to the birth records it says he was born 15 April 1887 (source: State of Michigan, Cass Co. Birth Register, Vol. B page 212.).

If anyone would like a full transcript of the birth record, let me know. I have a photocopy of the full record.

As for Helen Walton Bishop, I have a lot of information on her and her family since she was from my hometown Sturgis (I have photos of her grave out at Oaklawn and other family photos). A collegue and I are in the process of compiling information on Helen for a book about her life.

Mike Herbold

Feb 13, 2001
Awhile back somebody asked what Dickinson H. Bishop's middle name was. Is it on the birth certificate?
Good luck on the continuing Helen Bishop research.

Rachel Boland

Unfortunatly, no, it just lists Dickinson Bishop, no middle name is indicated.

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