Dickinson H Bishop

I don't know any one of their names, but for Manuel E. Uruchurtu there are only so many Spanish names that begin with an E. There's Eduardo, Eulogio, Evencio, Evan, and my favorite: Emiliano. It's probably Emiliano judging by the rest of his name.
Thank you for the different offering of names. Some historian out there will surely find the correct name for him someday. It surely happens when one devouts themselves to such a topic of history.
I've never seen a middle name for Bishop, just the initial H. I remember looking through some articles in either The Titanic Commutator or Voyage, and they didn't give his full name either.
Same thing with Kenyon -- just the midle initial R.
Hello all,
I just finished reading "Ghosts of the Titanic", which set me off to searching online for Titanic information. (Too bad I hadn't found this site first, maybe I wouldn't have read the book
I've been sitting here for hours, reading these message posts, and decided I'd like to be a part of these discussions. Obviously, I haven't been able to read all of them yet, so if I ask a redundant question, please bear with me. I have several questions I hope someone can help me with:
1. As a newbie, which 3 books on the Titanic would you direct me to read first?
2. Would someone explain the perceived "animosity" against RMSTI? (I have an idea, but would like validation).
3. I have not yet seen any postings concerning Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson Bishop, who came from my hometown, Dowagiac MI. My grandmother remembered the local publicity concerning them at the time and I have read the newspaper articles of 1912 in the Dowagiac Daily News. Does anyone have any more information?
Thanks for any help here and I hope to enjoy this membership.
Welcome aboard and be sure to tells us about yourself in the "Introduce Yourself" section. To find past discussions about the Bishops, just click on the "Keyword Search" button above, and type in "Bishop", without the quotation marks.

First three books, all readily available, are:
A Night To Remember, by Walter Lord
Titanic -- An Illustrated History, by Don Lynch
Titanic -- Triumph and Tragedy, by John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas.

You can read other book recommendations in the "Titanic Books" section here.

Hope you get the bug as bad as the rest of us.
G'Day Sharon and welcome aboard. I'll second Mike Herbolds recomendations on the books. Walter Lord's because he pretty much started it all, and the other two for the more current picture.

The controversy over RMSTI revolves around the ethics of salvage. One side views the Titanic wrecksite as a graveyard best left in peace. The other argues for salvage in part for furthering research and our knowladge of the disaster and the time in which it took place. There is also the profit motive on RMSTI's which some find offensive. I'm a bit of a fence sitter on this one. Objectively speaking, both sides have some valid concerns and points to offer in their defence. You'll have to form your own opinions on this.

Being one of the techie crowd, I'm not as up on the personalities as I really need to be. A shortcoming I'll have to make some effort to cure. However, to start with, you might want to check out the passenger/crew biographies on this site.

Michael H. Standart
Thank you, Mike and Michael for your warm welcomes. I intend to haunt the public library as soon as I can get there! I'm also an ebay fanatic, as my poor husband can attest to
, so I will be checking this avenue out also.

As for the RMSTI controversy, that's basically what I thought, although the "for profit" motive hadn't crossed my mind. I saw on their website a Merchandise link, and wonder just what this entails? Actually, I was a bit amazed when I checked out this website for I had no idea that so many different salvage operations had gone on. I was under the impression that they had found it, done some stuff and agreed to leave it alone. (That's what I get for THINKING

I have done the searches, as you suggested and found another interesting point that I had forgotten all about. There were actually 5 people aboard the Titanic bound for Dowagiac. As Dowagiac is so small, it just seemed an unusual thing to me. Besides the Bishops were 3rd class passengers Maria Touma and her two children. I can see how this subject can catch you up. Just by reading these biographies, I am interested to research and find the actual farm that the Toumas had purchased here and the grave of the child born to the Bishops in Dec 1912. It is in the same cemetery my grandmother is in.

I shall post in the Introduce yourself section as soon as I can think of something intelligent to say

Again, thank you for the welcome.
Hello Sharon...and welcome to Titanica!

Re: the Bishops:

Mr. Bishop was twenty-five years old at the time of the tragedy; Mrs. Bishop was only ninteen (both look older in the photographs shown along with the biographies on this site).

Helen Bishop was asleep and 'Dick' was reading in their stateroom at the time of the collision. The two got away in starboard lifeboat No. 7; the first boat to be lowered.

Mr. Dickinson was rumored to have disguised himself as a woman in order to slip into the lifeboat unoticed. However, I advise you not to believe that rumor, which I'm sure you've heard. Basically, I can see no reason why he would NEED to dress up like a woman to get into that lifeboat. Of the twenty-eight people in the boat, thirteen were men. This meant that practically half the boat was comprised of male survivors; not counting the male crew members. So, there would be no reason why he would need to disguise himself as a woman in order to survive in that boat. It's simply nonsense.

Re: recommended books:

I can certainly recommend a few books to STAY AWAY FROM! Books by a man named Gardiner should be avoided at all costs. The man has simply made up a bunch of nonsense about the Titanic, Olympic, etc. and placed it between two covers. If I remember correctly, his books are entitled "The Ship That Never Sank" and "The Titanic Conspiracy." Or perhaps those two are the same book; one was sold under two titles for some odd reason.

Look forward to seeing ya around the board!



Welcome to the Board. I second Mike Herbold's recommendations of books, but I put Eaton & Haas book first, as they have done a fabulous job of photos.

Mike Herbold,

You "hope" she gets the bug as bad as the rest of us? Why, shame on you my friend for hoping such a terrible thing on someone! (just jokin Mikey

See ya in 4 more days.