Did ANTR and Cameron use actual blueprints to create their sets?

Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
I can't find the video, but on Youtube there was a clip from a old U.S. Movie Magic show that mentioned Titanic's blueprints being uncovered and used for the 1997 film (also in Tom McCluksie book "No Place For A Boy" he wrote that he helped as a advisor for the film...and prior to that helped to recover and catalogue a lot of Harland & Wolff's archives).

As to their accuracy, It's possible some of them used were the original drafts for the Olympic* (prior to all the modifications) since some areas like the Master at Arms room are shown to be an exterior cabin instead of a interior cabin.

Hope this helps.

*In their defence, Titanic: Adventure Out of Time made the same mistake as well with the Turkish Baths done in the Olympic's configuration due to lack of available plans.
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