Did Boxhall have a gun

Feb 28, 2007
I was reading Daniel Allen Butler's "Unsinkable The Full Story." When I came to page 110, it read, "When Captain Smith handed Boxhall a revolver, the young officer looked at his captain in frank disbelief." I read both the American and British inquires and I didn't find any mention of Smith handing him a gun. Maybe I missed it or maybe it didn't really happen. Which is it? Thank you
Mar 18, 2000
There is no Inquiry testimony that Boxhall was given a gun, and I have heard of no other accounts that he was given one.

A number of officers were present in the reported account of revolvers being handed out - Smith, Lightoller, Murdoch and Wilde. No mention of Boxhall at all, or Lowe or Moody. Lowe had his own personal revolver.

Who knows where Butler got this from.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Maybe I missed it or maybe it didn't really happen. Which is it? Thank you<<

Kind of hard to miss something that was never said. I don't recall Boxhall ever mentioning being issued a weapon in any of his testimony. He may very well have been for all I know, but nothing is there in the official record to back it up. I wonder what Mr. Butler's source was. Did he indicate anything in a footnote? I'd look myself but my copy is buried so deep in my book mountain that it may take me awhile to find it.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
It's probably a simple error, which we authors know can be readily made. It was Lightoller who was surprised when the guns were handed out. He thought they were uncalled for. It's in his book.

"Then, later on, had come the "general post," whereby Murdoch who was now First Officer, knew nothing about the firearms, and couldn't find them
when they were wanted--I say wanted, rather than needed, because I still don't believe they were actually needed.

I told the Chief Officer, "Yes, I know where they are. Come along and I'll get them for you," and into the First Officer's cabin we went--the
Chief, Murdoch, the Captain and myself--where I hauled them out, still in all their pristine newness and grease.

I was going out when the Chief shoved one of the revolvers into my hands, with a handful of ammunition, and said, "Here you are, you may
need it." On the impulse, I just slipped it into my pocket, along with the cartridges, and returned to the boats. The whole incident had not taken more than three minutes, though it seemed barely worth that precious time."

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