Did Cal get to Rose before Jack


Catherine Ehlers

On a movie website this evening I was reading some scenes that never made it into the film, and there was one scene in the suite, during unpacking, where Cal made some comment about being first between the sheets or something to that effect. Was this meant to imply that he meant to have his way with her that very night? Or that he was just making it clear that she was his? Would he have done that with her mother right there nearby? And did Cameron actually film this, or was it excised from the script before filming?

Cathy Ehlers

Lynne audsley

In TITANIC-James Cameron's Illustrated Screenplay, it states that the scene you are refering to was "deleted in post (production)". The notes about this seem to indicate that the lines of dialogue weren't necesssary to reinforce Cameron's idea of the bleakness of Cal and Rose's relationship because the actors had already created the "other level" needed.There are lots of examples of this, where lines or whole scenes were eliminated as superfluous.


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