Did God have anything to do with it

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Alyssa Stell

I know this is a very intresting topic. I think God had something to do with it. Some people said the "Titanic" was unsikable and that I think is testing God. He has all power and to say He can't do something is SOOO not true. There was a reason He let that happen and I don't think the only reason is because people said God couldn't sink.
Anyway, I'd like your thoughts!

Dan C.

By the turn of the century, man's arrogance had
reached a fever pitch with the Industrial
Revolution. It is one thing to feel good about
one's accomplishments, it is another to be
prideful and boast that one has conquered God and
the elements.
Eva Hart said in the days surrounding the voyage,
her mother felt the label 'unsinkable'
immortalized by the media of the day and not the
White Star Line, 'was flying in the face of God'.
The Titanic was named after the Titans of ancient
Greek mythology. The Titans dared the gods and
were struck down for their arrogance.
The arrogance needed to be broken, and sometimes
it takes a movement by the finger of God to shake
people and society down to a managable level and
remind people who is in charge. It can be compared
to the 1986 space shuttle Challenger explosion.
She, too, was brought down by the ignoring of ice
warnings and over-confidence in the technology of
the day.
'God Himself could not sink this ship' was a
statement that went too far, and I feel that God
spoke through this event in the North Atlantic.
Survivor Jack Thayer made a few good points in his
writings after the sinking. I cannot recall the
exact quotes, but he said the event 'made the
world rub its eyes and awake, and awoke it with a
Yes, good did come out of the Titanic disaster.
Those who died left a legacy and did not die in
vain. through their deaths resulted the following
- stricter ship safety standards, the
International Ice Patrol in 1913, and mandatory
lifeboat drills on all passenger cruise ships
today. God works in mysterious ways, and though we
may not always see it at the time, it is always
for the greater good. The loss of 1517 human souls
on this earth has undoubtedly saved countless
others through the above transpirings. God is
just, and is like a caring parent, allowing things
like Titanic to keep our paths straight. Sometimes
we have to get hurt to grow as a person. If our
actions never went unchecked, we would constantly
push the envelope until we destroy ourselves...

Those are my thoughts...anyone else?


Elaine Barnes

Just this: The Titanic was built by "professionals", but the Ark was built by "amateurs".
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