Did Murdoch shoot himself?


Dec 15, 2019
There has to be an alternative explanation as to how Murdoch died, and there's four possible methods I can think of:

1: Murdoch ended up in the water and died of hypothermia, just like most of Titanic's victims did.

2: He was killed when the forward funnel fell on top of him.

3: Murdoch made it to the overturned Collapsible B, but died of exposure during the night.

4: His leg got caught in the lifeboats falls and he got dragged underwater and drowned.

Of these four scenarios, I think the fourth one is the most likely way Murdoch died but do let me know what you all think.
His body was never recovered. I wished his body was recovered so then we would know he didn't die by drowning or if the funnel fall on him.
I really hope he died quick and unpainful death. I really like officer Murdoch.
I'm hoping he didnt die as number 2, or 4. What a horrible death. I really wished he survived.