Did the Iceberg Break the Ship in Two?



The damage was apparent in the forward holds, but could the Titanic have also slid over a submerged shelf, breaking her back, or greatly weakened or fractured it, which eventually led to the ship breaking in two?


Currently reading accounts of other ships which sailed over hidden reefs and broke their backs. Titanic survivors described the sensation of the ship appearing to ground over the ice, heeling to one side, and Bride is quote in the newspapers as saying she "broke her back". He was also given $1000 for his exclusive story and in that account he said the Captain told him the iceberg had struck "just aft of amidships" where the ship would later break in two. Could the break up have been a long process? When the survivors were first interviewed shortly after leaving the Carpathia the press reporters were offering money for their stories. Naturally in the hysteria survivor names were misreported. One accounts was from someone mistakenly called "Quartermaster Moody"

"We encountered a sudden haze, probably coming from the great iceberg, and we could hardly have been more than one or two lengths into it when we hit. We struck the growler first, and the Titanic simply went over it and broke her back."

Could the Titanic have crushed the ice against her bottom plates, and perhaps dented or greatly weakened her keel as the weight of the ship steamed over the ice?



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