Answered Did the Titanic have a Swimming Pool?

to stephen yes there was a swimming pool onboard the titanic on the f deck it was a luxury first class feature it was the first time a pool was featured in a ship like titanic i hope this is some help to you jennifer mueller
G'day, Sarah and Prissy.

There was no pool for second class and the pool for first class was not worth calling a pool. It was a tiny affair, I think 36 feet x 13 feet, filled with warm sea water. Its use was segregated by sex and costume was neck to knee at least. Quite unromantic!

SOS does not stand for Save our Ship, Souls or Sausages. The signal was chosen because it's easy to send and to recognise. It's simply ... --- ...

A lot of books state that Titanic was the first to send an SOS but this is not correct. The most likely candidate for that dubious distinction is an American ship called Arapahoe (often incorrectly spelled) or just possibly the Cunard liner Slavonia.
>it was the first time a pool was featured in a ship like titanic

Sorry, Jennifer, but the first onboard pool was on Adriatic, which entered White Star service in 1907. (Sources: Bonsor's North Atlantic Seaway, Rentell's Historic White Star Liners, Hayes' Hull Down.) And Titanic wasn't even second, since Olympic also had one.