Did Titanic really communicate with Port Said?

Jay Roches

Apr 14, 2012
In an article on the titanic-titanic forum, Sam Halpern provided a link to a list of wireless shore stations in 1912. There is also a 1910 list available on the same site.

And I found this:
LPD - Port Said, Egypt (Lloyd's - was PD in 1910)
MPD - Poldhu, England (Marconi)

There's no way of knowing for sure, but Poldhu was a Marconi station and much, much, much closer to Titanic than Port Said.
I don't see how an M (--) could be confused for an L (.-..), except that L is a long dash in American Morse. But it is also possible that the station gave its call letters as "PD" and it was taken to mean Port Said instead of Poldhu.

My apologies if this has been addressed before; my search didn't find anything.

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Alex F

Nov 8, 2013
What about Tenerife (another distant station) the Titanic contacted during sea trials?:)

Trying to repeat the same experiment at sea 30 years ago I was able to contact from Red Sea (near Port Said) with the ship station near the Tenerife and Tenerife itself on 600 meters. It was possible to hear UK stations, Black Sea stations from Red Sea. But with low power (as normal ship had had) there was a little chance to repeat the same after the Titanic.

The Titanic had a huge power (5 Kilowatt), and a big antenna, the power of shore station. With that capacity it was simply and I see no problem at all.

One might contact with Odessa from Red Sea, far away from it, but sometimes it was not possible to be heard within Black Sea (much, much, much closer). It's matter of propagation. Any distant contact (on the wave in question) is very possible on nightfall and almost impossible at day time.

You may check also Grey Line Map . There were more chance to hear each other if stations were along grey line (or both at night).

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