Did you expect JC's Titanic to be a love story before you saw it

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I saw it before the hype kicked in and thought it would mostly be about the real passengers and the sinking - guess I was wrong. TBH I thought the "love story" was more like a Jerry Springer episode!
Yeah, I pretty well thought it would be a love story. I actually didn't go see the film for awhile, and I watched a behind-the-scenes feature about it on TV beforehand. So it was basically just what I figured it would be. I was 11 at the time, so I didn't care either way really.
I was 15 at the time when I read an article on the movie in Cinescape. I at first thought the movie would chronicle the history of Titanic and Ballard's discovery of the wreck. How wrong I was when I saw the movie. Thomas I agree with you, enough of this romance junk. The only thing I liked was seeing the wreck and the entire sinking scene, and to a more sadistic note, Jack dying. Boo freaking whooo. Who cares, boring love story *rolls eyes*

GotA was way better IMO.
having read much about the movie while it was still in production (1996, early 1997), it was touted as being a romance set against the backdrop of the ship, but was encouraged by the still photographs of what little was released in that line, that the ship was being historically recreated with a precision not seen in other Titanic movies. However, I went in expecting to be entertained, not witness a documentary.

I ended up seeing the movie three times, the first being opening night, December 19, 1997. The theater was perhaps half full of the standard Friday night folk out seeing an epic movie on its opening night. Love story aside, I thought it was an impressive attempt at bringing the Titanic back to life on the big screen.

The second and third time I saw the movie when tagging along with friends was a different story. The place was packed wall to wall with weeping girls...I could have made a killing selling packets of tissues.
Your post reminds me of a commercial that played a couple days before the movie came out on video. I think it was for Blockbuster Video.

It has these two video store employees behind the desk, preparing themselves for something big. They might even have worn some body armor, though I might be wrong on that. The two employees seemed nervous, asking one another if they were ready.

Cue a veritable army of teenage girls storming the video store, essentially mowing down these two hapless guys. Titanic was available on video cassette!
The weepers were there when I saw the film as well. By that time it was a global phenomenon of course. I remember one woman who sat near me absolutely bawling her eyes out, as though her best friend had just died in her arms or something. I thought it was pretty ridiculous (especially at the age of 11). More than the weepers, though, I remember a young boy sitting directly behind me who kept repeating certain lines. Very annoying!
i was really young when i first saw it-i thought it was about jack and rose who were real people on it but when i watched it i knew i was wrong. lots of people cried while they were watching it, but i didn't, I can't sand leo and was kinda happy that he died :)

Beth Barber

Yes, I did - when I saw the advertisements for it - it said it was a love story w/Titanic as a backdrop.

I drug my husband to see it the day it came out - the theater was packed. about 3/4 of the way through the movie - something happened to the film and we couldn't finish seeing it- that made me so mad! We did get our tickets refunded but we had to wait to see the whole thing for another day.
- Beth
Truth to tell, I didn't have any expectations one way or another. I'm wasn't surprised that it turned out that way, but some sort of love interest seems almost to be mandatory where cinima is concerned.

Jason D. Tiller

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No, I did not have any expectations, nor was I surprised by the outcome either. Just as Mike said, it's almost as though some type of romance has to be in a film.

I was just excited to see Titanic brought back to life, so I didn't really think about the rest.
I had advance word, so I knew what to expect. My biggest jolt came later - a point I've hit on a few times already - when I watched "Somewhere In Time" and realized where JC's love story came from.

No awards for plot originality from me . . .
I had read before, with a little disappointment, that the love story would be the focus. I didn't dwell on it, however, just knowing that a movie about the Titanic was coming out.

When I saw it in the theatre the first time, I got into the whole deal - the ship in all of its realistic splendor, the fictional characters, the tragedy. I felt that all of those things merged to form a moving final product.
I thought it would be "A Night To Remember" w/smashing special effects and CGI, sort of the Concorde of films.

I was disappointed to discover it was as cheesy as a french quiche!!!
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