Dimensions of bridge deck and promenade deck?

Hello, first, sorry for my absence, I started thinking of getting back to my revell titanic only yesterday. I'm planning to redo the shape of the bridge and promenade deck beause I don't like how the revell part look (I'll do it for both of my 1/570 scale kit) but I'm unsure about the dimension, where I need to cut or add stuff, I prefer to ask to be sure. Here's what the revell part look like from super hobby.

source: https://www.super-hobby.fr/products/R.M.S.-TITANIC-Set.html#gallery_start
Thanks for your answers!
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The Bridge deck was about 550ft, according to the June 1911 issue of the shipbuilder, on page 19 of the Olympic issue:

"The main structure of the vessels ends at the bridge deck, which is carried for 550 feet amidships."
Uh whatever happened to the pictures?
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Oh ok, on the dimension, my question was about when the multiple lines stop and start (not sure I'm making myself clear, I have to redo the part shape and add windows because the promenade deck is quite visible at this scale).
Someone from another forum gave me the drawings with dimension of the promenade deck, I'll use to redo the shape. I need to add the windows too, they're not on the kit boat deck, promenade deck and bridge deck.