Disaster movies!


Dec 5, 2012
Dear Encyclopedia Titanica Posters,

I am a total fan of disaster movies, and I wish that there were more historically-based disaster movies out there. There are several disaster movies about the Titanic disaster, but the disaster movies that cover the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and the Spanish Flu pandemic are tough to come by.

During 1979, a TV movie called "The Triangle Factory Fire Scandal" was released, and a few years back, the BBC released a TV movie called "Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen". If you look those titles up on YouTube, you'll be able to see segments from them, but I don't think that anybody has posted either one of those movies in its entirety. The home versions of the aforementioned movies are fairly tough to come by.

A TV (?) movie called "1918" was released during about 1985, but the Spanish Flu pandemic is only lightly highlighted during that movie, and the movie is pretty tough to come by.

Does anybody know about any movies that deal with either the aforementioned Gilded Age disasters, and/ or about any movies that cover OTHER Gilded Age disasters?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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