Discovery Channel's Titanic Answers From the Abyss

At least I believe that is what the airing was called. The show was shot in 1998 and they brought up the BIG piece?

I just saw it today, on for 2 hours.

Has anyone else seen this besides me? They were testing the iron, and the rivets. Testing theories of how she sank. Also the theories of how she broke up.

I know in another section, we were discussing how she broke up... using a stick vs. a paper towel tube as models?

According to the data from the Navy, they say that she split starting at the top, and not on the keel, that the keel held it together until she was under water completely, THEN she split into 2 separate pieces.

There was another documentary that showed that she broke from the keel up, kinda bent from the load, causing the breakage. (the paper towel tube theory).

Does anyone remember what documentary it was that showed the bend in the keel 1st?



Brad Rousse

Yeah, and that she broke in half at 15* degrees and the bow sank like a leaf?!

Well, this WAS made by RMSTI, so it's not like they care about getting details...
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Actually, the testing was done using information uncovered by the RMSTI expedition using accurate engineering models. What the tank testing demonstrated was that the bow section likely went down in a seesawing motion at an average speed of up to 22 knots.

The information on the break was obtained using a finite element analysis done by Gibbs and Cox. Hardly RMSTI shills. If you want to get into the details of the sinking, go to Roy Mengot's The Wreck of RMS Titanic. It'll explain a lot.
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Brad Rousse

Oh, I see. If that's true, my apologies to Gibbs and Cox. Expereince is all.

I'm just skeptical of anything RMSTI's involved in. I mean, they once offered an explosion helped sink the Titanic...

Brad Rousse

Sometime ago, RMSTI said that the wrenched plates under the forward well deck (which was warped by the force of the Titanic's prow slamming into the bottom, and the rest of the ship buckling/landing after IIRC) may have been caused by an explosion. They pointed to the coal bunker fire as an excuse. I read it in the Commutator sometime ago.
I watched it again. I think it makes me look too wide. I'm in part 1 and part 2, but only in the backgrounds. They are also showing The Investigation Begins from the 1996 Expedition as well.

Brad, please reference the Commutator that addresses RMSTI. I thought the THS avoided the subject of RMSTI.

I seriously doubt the Commutator mentioned RMST in anything but bad terms. Could you be thinking of Titanic International's Voyage magazine instead, Brad?

Timothy Brandsoy

I saw it last night. The explosion, they thought, was caused by air trapped in the aft section as it went down. They thought one of the explosions was from the refrigeration sections as there was a lot of cork found in the debris, as they used cork to insulate.
It's worth noting that the explosion...more implosion...happened after the stern section was submerged. It wasn't a cause but a consequence of the sinking where air filled compartments collapsed under the increasing water pressure as the stern plunged deeper.
Okay, can someone tell me if any of the Discovery Channel's original documentary is contained in the DVD series "Titanic: The Complete Story"? And is "Answers From the Abyss" the same series with the experiments done on the steel piece, and the Roy Cullimore (sp?) experiments?
Kritina, unfortunately it isn't in the set, and it's also not available commercially. "Answers" had the testing both of the steel plating (a small bit of the Big Piece) and the rivets, some from the Big Piece and some recovered from the debris field.
As usual I found out this was airing this morning by accident. It's on the Discovery Science Channel 8 am eastern and I will give it a second look. Nothing much is ever said about the stern section and I'm assuming it's because of its condition and the fact that they can't explore it inside??

Be back later to talk about it