Distress rocket picture

I really need a picture of one of the distress rockets after it explodes, I would like to have one from the movie that zooms up on it if any one can help me!
Hello Joe, If you mean the film ANTR, then look on you tube, the film is there in 13 parts. It shows the distress rockets being fired from around about part 6, you can freeze frame the film at the parts you want to see.

Hope this helps. Regards, Martin.
Hi Joe, look on the bottom left corner of the screen, you should see an arrow head shape, which when the scene is playing goes to two vertical lines, click onto that and the frame stops, click again and the film starts again, you can also make the small screen fill your computer screen by clicking onto the bottom right corner button, which has four small arrows pointing to the corners, click onto this and it enlarges it to full screen on your computer, the buttons at the bottom go off screen if you don't touch your mouse, to get them back just move your mouse and they will re-appear, you can then click the buttons you wish to freeze frame or go back to small screen, etc. Regards, Martin.
Hello again Joe, If you have got a digital camera, then just stop the film at the places you want and take a picture with your digital camera, you can then run them through your photo shop on your computer and print out the ones you want. Regards, Martin.
Joe - Try a screen capture. On PC, print screen and paste into a photo editing program. On Mac, shift-command 4, draw a box around the area of the screen you want and it will save a file to your desktop.