Divine service sunday april 14th

May 3, 2005
Also, regarding the Divine Service scene in "Titanic" (1997): The verse heard being sung "...for those in peril in the air...." was not written and sung until many years later. It was not widely sung until WWII.
Sep 9, 2004
I have read just about every book on the Titanic out there and I just cant seem to come to a conclusion--can anyone out there tell me for certain if the 2nd and 3rd class passengers were allowed to go to divine service along with the 1st class passengers? I just finished reading the best book on Molly Brown I can find and she talks about turning around during the service and looking back and noticing the steerage passengers seated there. I know there are alot of Titanicologists (my made up word for myself!) out there who know way more than I do so please share your thoughts on this question.
Titanicologist from Boise
Jun 4, 2003
Hi! A question of fashion in the Sunday Service on board: in Cameron's movie, both men & women are all dressed up, most women wear hats but Rose does not. Is that due to her young age (despite the large opening scene hat earlier) or her disposition deriving from the argument with her mother just before or what? Thank you!!!

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