DNA Investigation in Halifax

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Lars Lifvendahl

Hello everyone,
I receantly learned that there are going to be an investigation on one Titanic cemetery in Halifax. They are going to exhume the remains of three unknown victims; one woman in her 30s, a young man and a baby; marked No 281, No 240 and No 4.
It has partly been arranged by a family who wants to know if some of the anonomous victims is family of them.
How do you react on this?
I can see that one want to find dear ones and of course ones family is important but after nearly 90 years? I bet not even the children of the victims still are alive. If they were I would understand they want to have somewhere to pay their respect and remember there parents though they have such a personal contact with the victim.
Of cours I admit I would myself be very keen on a personal relation to the Titanic. But why can't the victims simply be left alone and rest in peace?

Please, give your point of view!

Best wishes,
Dec 12, 1999
My point of view, Lars,is, wake up and smell the coffee! --there's a whole long conversation going under "Passengers Research" about this. It started last Wednesday or Tuesday. Check it out.

Christine Geyer

Naaah, Lars don't worry. It's good to see you back on the board anyway
Haven't seen too many postings from you during the past. By the way there's phantastic breakfast in Sweden to get along with the coffee, as far as I remember.

Hey då
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