Do we know what the corridors really looked like

Kyle Naber

Oct 5, 2016
As far as I know, there are no known photographs of the corridors of any of the three classs- only of the cabins. However, the upcoming video game called Titanic: Honor and Glory team has made a couple of discoveries about the first class hallways and Scotland Road.

James Cameron depicted his third class space, Scotland Road, as white and metallic:


But now we know that it would have looked something like this:


Also, there has been to accurate rendering of the first class corridors until now. Also in Cameron's film and numerous others, this space has been portrayed as carpeted with multiple light fixtures like so:


(My apologies for the quality). But it has been discovered to look more like this:


But my question is about the other places. Will second and third class remain a mystery until next year when the game is completed? Check out their website at
Mar 18, 2008
No sure what the "big" discovery is here. The look of the corridors (no carpets, wall lights etc) are known for years and also described in TTSM.
Aside from that there are also photographs like here from E Deck on Olympic;
E Deck.jpg

Or like on other ships like here on Medic;
Feb 25, 2008
With such little detail that has been published about Titanic's corridors and how much is actually required in a recreation like this then, indeed yes, the team has made quite a few discoveries regarding corridors based on their own research. There are "bigger" discoveries than no carpets or lack of sconces - it's all perspective. I get excited over a builder's plaque on a piece of furniture, but that's me.

If you are using the movie sets as a base...they did the best with what was presented to them at the time. Plus they were creating a film which comes with constraints. If for example, the crew had figured out afterward that they made a small error in decor with their Scotland Road (like we have with the above image, for instance) it is sometimes very expensive and outright ridiculous to correct something that many people wouldn't even notice.

And again yes. Some of the things I have found about 2nd class entrance/corridors I haven't seen published elsewhere. These are details which have been available to study for decades but until it was required to recreate in such detail it hasn't been mentioned elsewhere, as far as I know.
Jan 16, 2019
This is how Scotland Road is depicted in THG, including the entrance to the Forward First Class Grand Staircase, as there were auxiliary First Class cabins on the forward part of E-Deck.

Titanic E-Deck Scotland Road 2.jpg Titanic E-Deck Scotland Road 1.jpg Titanic FC E-Deck Cabin Corridor on Scotland Road.jpg
Jan 16, 2019

It's still in development right now, most of the ship is modeled, but the product is not ready for market release yet - there is a recent demo just released you can play, however, only around 6% of the ship is accessible in it, but it shows you what you can look forward to when the ENTIRE ship will be available - and not like in Adventure Out of Time where you only got access to certain rooms - Honor & Glory will have every room, cabin, crew area ALL accessible when it is out of Beta.

You should check it out!

DEMO — Titanic: Honor and Glory

Best Regards,

~ Brian
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Thanks Bryan. I saw the demo. It looks so eerie, like it’s totally brought to life. It’s quite emotional to experience actually.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
I actually had a chance to play with it and get to know the people who are developing it when I was at the Titanic Conference in Pigeon Forge last August. They're a great bunch and they are paying exacting attention to the smallest details.

One of the people working with them is Bill Sauder and in a round table discussion on Saturday night, he was showing what sort of sourcing was being used in the research. He was showcasing what they knew and how they knew it by pointing to period primary sourcing. It doesn't get any better than that.

The V.R. itself is so vivid that when I put on that helmet, I found myself ON the Titanic. I was there!
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OMG, that must be so eerie, being there in virtual reality. It is so lifelike! Do you know when they will be finished making it?
May 3, 2005
During my Naval service I was transported as a passenger on the troop ship USNS General Daniel Daniel I. Sultan T-AP-120. Part of the time I was assigned to watch duties on one of the corridors on one of the upper decks. The corridors were rather plain, very much like those shown for Scotland Road but very well lighted.

Troops were quartered in the lower decks. Stacked bunks, closely spaced.
I assume the upper decks had individual cabins for the officers and their families.
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