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Do you have a passion that rivals your Titanic interest

Discussion in 'The Fascination of Titanic' started by Tarn Stephanos, May 29, 2007.

  1. Is there a topic that fascinates you as much as Titanic? For example, any avid Titanic buffs here,who are also avid convention-attending Trekkers?

    I have a lifelong obsession with Titanic- but I also love music- I'm a bonafide Beatlemaniac- and collect rare Beatles recordings- I saw MACCA live 4 times, and Ringo twice- what a thrill! I'm also a lifelong Doors fan, collect rare Doors performances, and wrote for a Doors music fanzine for many years-I've seen the 3 surviving Doors live in one form or another, as well as the new Doors lineup live with Ian Astbury on vocal. When I visited Paris in 2001, I visited Jim Morrison's grave before I visited the Nomadic........
    I love Star Trek, but not so much that I'd dress as a Nausican and attend a convention- I've been to conventions, but dress in plain old civilian duds.......

    I'm more of a Whovian than a Trekker- In fact I'm a hardcore Whovian (a fan of the British sci fi tv show 'Doctor Who'). Patrick Troughton was by far my favorite Doctor- followed by Jon Pertwee and William Hartnell. Tom Baker was overrated. Peter Davidson was good- but humorless- Colin Baker was as annoying as his coat, Sylvester mcCoy was excellent, but was given dreadful stories- and Paul Magann never had a chance to develop. His one appearance was very good, and he's shined on the Big Finish 'Dr Who' audio adventures..As for the most recent Doctors- Christopher Eccleson -he was superb- he gave the Doctor an anguished vulnerability, but David Tennant is dreadful- He's too over the top, too cocky...
    I met Jon Levine (Sgt Benton) at a Doctor Who convention- he was one of the nicest people I ever met...People assert Billie Piper was the sexiest companion- she was sexy, but couldn't hold a candle to Katie Manning....

    It's been revealed the 9th Doctor sailed the Titanic- I hope that story is explored on one of the Doctor who BBC novels or 'Big Finish' audio adventures..

    I do love sci fi- I liked the Star Wars films, but they never moved me the way Doctor Who and Star trek succeeded in doing...

    What else (other than the Titanic) captivates your interest- Sci Fi? WW2? Elvis? Aviation? the Civil war? Lizzie Borden?


    tarn Stephanos
  2. John Clifford

    John Clifford Member

    For me, I have enjoyed Agatha Christie stories, re-reading some that I read many years ago, and reading others for the first time, and looking forward to re-reading them. This September I plan to visit Ms. Christie's hometown of Torquay, and walk "The Agatha Christie Mile". I hope to have read all her mysteries before September (not hard as one can read them practically "cover to cover" in one day).

    I, too, enjoy the Beatles, and it was great to visit Liverpool and take the Beatles Tour.
    Tarn, you'll have to let us know how you enjoyed the Liverpool sites.

    Finally, I admit that I am intrigued by the story of the 17th Century Jesuit missionaries who setlled in the Great Lakes and upstate New York areas, and are now known as the North American, or Canadian, Martyrs: Saint Isaac Jogues, Jean de Brebeuf, and companions. They are the patron saints of my church, and next year I would like to visit the shrine dedicated to them, in Midland, Ontario.

    I also wonder if anyone has an interest that was also a passionate pursuit of any of Titanic's passengers and/or crew.
  3. You should meet my Brother Tarn he loves The Doors as well. He also likes the poetry of Jim Morrison.

    I love Ghost Stories, Horror movies especially George Romero. I saw Death Ship (not Romero) because it took place on a ship and was supposed to be scary but was corny instead.

    Also Interested in old Hollywood and life in general in America during the Teens and Twenties, World War I and the Spanish Influenza outbreak, Prohibition and Speakeasies. Love the 1960s. Peace, love and all that. I went though a Lizzie Borden phase. Read a novel about her in the early 90's but the name escapes me. I have too many interests. I could go on and on. grin.gif
  4. The Lizzie Borden case was fascinating-
    I read an interesting sci fi tale- a time traveler traveled back to the Lizzie Borden house to determine who the killer was- He surpised the father by appearing out of nowhere. A fight ensued and the time traveler wound up killing him...

    I'm also a horror fan- classic horor, such as Nosferatu, Night Of The Living Dead (1968), the Exorcist, most of the hammer movies.....
    I collect horror comic books, put out by DC and marvel, in the 1960s and 1970s...

    One of my favorite actors is Vincent Price- I enjoy all the Roger Coreman films he appeared in, that had an Edgar Allen Poe slant.

    In the 'Masque of the Red Death', Price costarred with Jane Asher, who at that very time was dating one Paul McCartney of the Fab 4....
  5. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    I'm fairly well acquainted with serious music, especially lieder and opera. I'm an old racing cyclist and still follow the sport as a minor official. Then there's sailing, which I hope to resume next summer, when my yacht is back in good shape.

    I like to keep up with current affairs via the internet. I'm not able to read paper, especially newspapers, as easily as I can read a screen, thanks to eye problems. I watch very little TV, other than the footy.

    There are also two black cats that are demanding my attention, so I'd better attend to them.
  6. Tarn
    Night of The Living Dead 1968, now that's a Classic. http://home.comcast.net/~axlish/NOTLD68.htm
    Check out this website for color photos of the cast and the original screenplay and more.

    I liked the Nosferatu 1979 remake better Although watching Max Schreck perform in the original was a treat.
    Love Edgar Allen Poe his Poem Annabel Lee is my favorite.
  7. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator

    I'm a huge sports and music fan; baseball, hockey, basketball and football. As far as music, I am a die hard Genesis and U2 fan, and am going to a Genesis concert in September.
  8. Hi Jason

    I hope you have fun. Genesis was an Honorary on VH1 Rock Honors this week.
  9. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator

    Hi George,

    Thanks, I'm sure I will. Good to know they were on VH1.
  10. Hi Jason
    Genesis is a great band...Seems only yesterday abacab was the most popular video on MTV.....

    Were they a better band when Peter Gabriel was still in the group, or did they really shine when Phil Collins took over lead vocal?
    I prefered gabriel's solo work, songs like 'Sledge Hammer' and 'Shock the Monkey'.

    Im a bit of a sports fan- all Boston teams of course- Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots and the New England revolution...

    The 1972 lineup of the Boston Bruins was amazing- with the legendary Bobby Orr

    The 1986 Boston Celtics was tops, and watching a Celtics vs Lakers game in those days was an amazing experience..

    Needless to say, i was on cloud 9 when the red sox finally broke the curse and won the world series in 2004.

    I HATE the New york Yankees....

    I like the Mets though....and I love the classic Brooklyn Dogers..
  11. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator

    Hi Tarn,

    I love "Abacab". Genesis was good when Peter Gabriel was the lead singer, but when Phil Collins took over the role, the group really took off and has not looked back since. They did invite Gabriel to be a part of the tour (they're touring in Europe right now), but he's too busy with his own projects.

    As a die hard Blue Jays fan (and I love all the Toronto teams for that matter), I hate the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.
  12. well as long as you hate the NY Yankees....
  13. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator

    Funny enough, they have the same record as us; only difference is the payroll.
  14. I love hockey as well- Ever since I saw the movie 'Slapshot'.
    The violent triplets, the Hanson brothers, are my heroes....

    Funny thing, our greatest player, Bobby Orr was a Canadian- jason was he from toronto?
  15. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator

    Nope, Bobby Orr was from Parry Sound, Ont; which is actually only a few hours drive from here.
  16. I like the Springfield Cardinals and that's about it. I work for vending company that manages their refreshment stands so I get to see all the Games. When I was growing up it was the Chicago Cubs. Go Cards Go Cubs
  17. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator

    The Cubs are a sad team; they haven't won a World Series in almost a hundred years.
  18. George, when I was working at Cheers in Boston, we had scores of tourists from Chicago- I voiced my happiness that the Chicago White sox won the series- Red Sox fans knew how White sox fans felt when they won the world Series after so many decades..... Yet many Chicago people spoke ill of the White Sox- I assumed all Chicago natives were thrilled when the White Sox won the series...but not so....I have met people from Chicago who HATE the Chicago White Sox. Why do they hate them so??
    I'd love to see the Chicago Cubs win the world series- Its been nearlly 100 years since their last series win..
  19. I Hear you on that. I still hope but I kinda figure it ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
    It's tradition in our family though so that was the way I was raised. The Springfield Cardinals are not much better. we're certainly dragging this year. I hope my boss doesn't see this. sad.gif
  20. We're not even from Ill. We're from Iowa. Never really understood why we are Cubs, we just are. I think my Grandpa Lorton started that mess.