Do you wish to one day dive on the Titanic wreck


Tarn Stephanos

My greatest dream in life is to dive on the Titanic wreck via a submersible, and see her up close. I greeted the Big Piece in Boston, I now dream of visiting the wreck in her natural environment. Ive held this dream since I was 10 years old; way back in 1978.

Curious thing is many Titanic buffs I know tell me they have absolutly no desire to visit the wreck, and would never dive on the wreck, even if given the opportunity. Too dangerous apparently.

I dream of it....hopefully someday it will happen.

Anyone else here hold as their greatest dream to one day dive on the wreck?

I expect within 15 years the tourist dives to Titanic will be far more commonplace and affordable.


Tarn Stephanos
Hello Tarn,

That must have been a thrill to see the Big Piece when it first arrived.

Personally, I would jump at the opportunity to see the wreckage for myself. The greatest thrill I can imagine would be moving along the boat deck. Can you imagine being right next to the very spot where it all went down? Indescribable, that's what that would be!

Maybe one day Encyclopedia Titanica members can take a field trip...a really good field trip!

"I expect within 15 years the tourist dives to Titanic will be far more commonplace and affordable."

I expect within 15 years there will be a lot less down there to see.
Hey some good points there I would love just to be at the same spot where it happened but I doubt I would ever have the chance to go down in a sub and if I ever did get the chance I would about say the Titanic would be well we all know. See you on the trip tomorrow Brandon.
I was given the opportunity to visit the wreck but couldn't face the prospect of the enclosed space - two floors in an elevator have me shaking! However, my friend did take the dive and said it was the most wonderful experience. He took many photographs with a revolutionary new camera loaned to him by the camera company, some of which are available on a calendar.Did you know that currently, more people have been to the moon than down to the Titanic!


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Are you sure about that? Between all the expeditions, plus the tourist dives, how many people would you say have visted the wreck?

Im guessing at least 50 or so....

I was invited too via SFX, but opted out due to the meltdown at RMSTI...

Im hoping for another chance someday...
So I'm told Tarn, I don't mean people actually getting out at the moon - just "passing"!

Are the toursits dives still going on? Funny thing is ive never been able to find a current website of the company carrying out these dives...

Tarn Stephanos
Hi Mike...
well.....I quit SFX in 2000 as i was opposed to Gellars's initial plans for the wreck on that expedition. His plans were a contradiction to the message of the exhibitions.

I admit though, i had assumed Gellar would be ousted in 6 months, and id take 6 months off, and then hop on the next exhibition, then expedition. SFX treated me very well- my beef was with RMSTI.

I was friends with George and crew, and couldnt forget how I got to where I was at the exhibits...I worked the exhibits after Boston in large due to George's recomendation- i owed him one. Loyalty means alot to me.

i didnt agree with Arnie Gellar's agenda, so left in protest...though i fully expected things to be back to normally within a year....

I was cotracted for the duration of an exhibit, when each was over, my contract renewed for the next one. When Dallas was over, i just opted not to renew the contract, and I then faded into obscurity..

But Gellar will be ousted soon, im sure of that...
Only when that happens, would i concider doing the exhibits again.

Im confident well all have a chance to dive on the wreck..

I need to save my pennies.....

Merry Christmas!


tarn Stephanos

Melbourne Australia
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Tarn, It seems like you are good on Titanic stuff so I have a couple of questions If you dont mind. What happens if you have to go bathroom since the expeditions take a long time? Also, when they land the submersible on the boat deck by where the dome once was, how come the ceiling does cave in? They talk about how fragile it is and they land a submersible on it. Most of what I know about the Titanic is about the Design and architecture. You seem to know alot about this stuff and you even saw the big piece! So please help me out!

Hi Sahand
as i understand it the key is not to eat or drink for many hours before a dive, hence dont feast on beans,figs or water before a dive...

There was a time when the submersibles would land on the officers quarters or bridge, but i think they stopped doing that..The boat deck is too unstable....

I assume even when the submersibles landed on the deck, the subs were still boyant..i cant imagine any of the subs that landed on Titanic did so with the full weight of the submersible..


tarn Stephanos
Sahand, my understanding is that when the wreck was first located and explored, that she hadn't deteriorated as far as she has since then. Remember that nearly 18 years have passed since the discovery and well as the little beasties eating the iron...have been doing their work unabated. In 1985/1986, the superstructure wasn't so far gone that they couldn't land a submersible there, but that's changed over time. The ship is in a state of slow but steady collapse.

Nowadays, nobody does it. To do so would be to court suicide.
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they would have to put me out. Knock me with all the sleeping drugs they got, because I know by half way down, I will start to freak out. I never been lock up in a cloest before, but just thinking about gives me the creeps.

So ya, if I ever get the chance, I make sure they put me out, wake me up when we are there, then put me out again!
I feel so bad tat its decaying down there and theres nothing we can do. If they ever brought up the wreck, Titanic's grave site would be disturbed and it just wouldnt have that feeling as if she was the guardian of the Ocean Floor, but if they dont bring it up she will be ruined. I think its the hardest question I have ever thought of. lol Kim you would have a hangover the day after!

Thanks for the info,

If they ever actually tried to raise the wreck, which is not very likely to happen, the hull would probably collapse into itself before it reach the surface. It's risky enough trying to land a small submersible on her, much less pull her out of some sixty feet of packed sediment. So basically, it would be ruined even quicker if we tried to bring it to the surface. But like I said, that's not going to happen.