Do you wish to one day dive on the Titanic wreck

Unfortunately, raising a wreck even in shallow in right next to the not one of the easist tricks in the world. It's time, material, and labour intensive in the extreme and requires a lot in the way of heavy lifting equipment. To raise any object from 12,500 feet is even more problematic, and to even think of attempting it with the Titanic would require that

a)The hull be in much better shape then it is.
b)That the hull would be at least reasonably intact (Which it isn't) and
c)Loads of heavy equipment and submersibles with the required tooling, none of which even exists.

And the question that goes begging; IF the wreck could be brought up, what the hell would anybody do with it? Conservation on the scale needed just to keep the thing from disintigrating in the air would be nightmarish and restoration is out of the question.

There are some prizes which Davy Jones has a permanent and irrevokable claim on. The Titanic, unfortunately, is one of them.
I am usually a very very claustrophobic person, but I would LOVE to go see the Titanic.

I wish I knew why it fascinates me so.
Does anyone know how many dives have been made on the wreck since her discovery?(exploration,salvage and tourist dives combined)
Im guessing well over 500...

Tarn Stephanos
God I would give absolutely anything to dive down to the Titanic, how amazing would that be!! You would definitely not have to ask me twice
Unfortunately nobody is even asking me once
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I to would really love to dive to Titanic before it disitegrates into oblivion. That would be a dream come true.
Well, I went to the web site to sign up, but they wanted a $34.75 "Handling Fee!"

The hell with that!
$34.75 "handling fee"???? My money would be better spent on Stogies and beer.
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There's no way I would ever dive down to see Titanic. I get claustrophpbic really easily, and I have a feeling it wouldn't take all that long before I started screaming, "Get me out of here!!!!"
I wouldn't want to take the risk of a lengthy dive in a cramped submersible with thousands of tons of water pressure outside just to catch a fleeting glimpse from an uncomfortable position. Seeing recovered artifacts up-close in the exhibit settings more than sufficed for me and gave me a chance to let my eyes linger on the remains of Titanic in a comfortable setting.
Ah but's all about the adventure.

Just last night I was once more transfixed with the photographs of MARS which appeared in a past Nat'l Geo. Primarily a black & white photograph of the lander, taken by the ROV. I let my mind wander to the extremes of sci. fi.

I would volunteer in a heartbeat for the prolonged 110,000,000 mile journey. Beside...
...they'll be needing Carpenters to construct
habitats on the red planet...;-)

Michael A. Cundiff
the odd thing is the tourist dives seem to be in the hands of different travel companies every time..
I think the next scheduled dive is in 2005...

Tarn Stephanos
I would love to see the wreck up close but due to cost will probably not be able to afford it.

However; I have been to Halifax, Nova Scotia and visited the Maritime Museum which has actual items (life jacket, carved wood and a deck chair)from the ship. We also visited the Fairview Cemetary which was a moving experience.

If the opportunity was available for "FREE" I probably would grab it in a minute but I also have mixed feelings due to it being a gravesite for so many people.