Doctor & Daughter Aboard


M Faggiole

My grandmother (a nurse,now deceased) took care of an elderly woman in her career who told of being a child aboard the Titanic. All we know is that the girl was aboard with her father, who was a doctor. As far as we know, there were no other family members aboard. Would anyone be able to help with this information?


sorry i think thats not possible
yes, there where some girls who travelled withe her fathers . But none of this Gentleman was a doctor

there was for example
Annie "Nina" Harper, six years old and second passengers. She was travelling withe her father (who was priest) and her cousin Jessie Leitch

Alice Francis Louise Philips, 21 years old , second class passenger, travelled withe her father (but he was not a doctor) and she was not a child , she was a young women

there where som Doctors on board how had daughters but not withe them
It would be great when you can remember the name of this Lady