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Scott Newman

Jun 16, 2004
This has perhaps been started on other threads, but I would like to know your current opinions on the latest documentaries. I have several on DVD and they seem to contradict each other. Here's the list I have:

Ghosts of the Abyss (Cameron)
Secrets of the Titanic (Ballard)
Titanica (IMAX)
Titanic, The complete Story (History Channel)

I enjoy all of them, though I find the History Channel's to be the most inclusive. I definitely don't agree with some of the opinions shared, but I enjoy hearing actual testimony from Titanic survivors. I really can't stand the background music and some of the "dramatic" readings of survivor accounts.

Which ones are your favorites? If you throw away the age of the documentaries (in other words, ignore the dorky music and special effects of some of the films), which are more accurate? Are there other documentaries not listed here that are better, or worse? Thanks for your input!

Not open for further replies.

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