Documentary narrated by Roger Moore about the families


Jul 12, 2015
I had documentary recorded ages ago it was made in 2002 it was about the families leading up to the sinking and the aftermath of the sinking it was shown on the history channel as part of their 90th anniversary. I can't remember the name it was narrated by roger Moore he of James Bond, I've seen it once on YouTube but I can't find it.

It's a great documentary it features interviews with Michel Navratil being shown footage of the wreck I've not seen that one anywhere else and delving deep into his families history before and after the sinking. Edith Haisman appears in an archival interview her children talk about her experience and her father as well her visit to the site.

It delves into William T Stead and William Murdoch.

If anyone knows what this documentary it called please tell me and those on here who haven't seen it is a fascinating watch it's a hidden gem in amongst the documentaries made about the Titanic.