Does any one know. ..

What became of the effects of unidentified bodies...were they auctioned off , given to a museum, or are they still kept somewhere in a Government department for safe keeping?
Cheers Brenda
Thanks B-rad...I wonder if any bodies were identified by their effects, and if this type of id was would have heart-breaking if the authorities refused without proof and buried their dead unnamed.


In fact many of them were. Any identifiable marking, like tattoos, birthmarks, or even names or initials on cloths were useful. Pictures were taken, so even ID-ing victims after burial was possible, as the identification process is long and tedious. Still is, even with e-mail and more readily available communications. Here is a wonderful site that might help in your quest.

Identifying the Titanic's Victims - TCE Blog

Adam Went

There was a documentary that aired some years ago now where scientists were exhuming the graves of some of the unidentified victims from the Titanic and attempting to use modern technology such as DNA to correctly identify them. This was some time ago and so my memory is a little sketchy on the details, but I do remember that it sounded as if it was going to be an ongoing process. Does anyone know what became of this? In any case, keep an eye out for the documentary as it was quite interesting and such shows do tend to be repeated fairly regularly on History Channel and the like.