Does anybody have the 1929 movie “Atlantic”?

Nov 14, 2005
Heres the full movie. I believe it was the first "talky" movie but not the first movie. There were 2 made in 1912...both silent films and one of them was done by the germans. Anyway heres "Atlantic" introduced by David McCallum.

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May 3, 2005
I've watched on youtube.
I also have a DVD , but the audio and video are of very poor quality.
The story and plot follow the general Titanic story, but the setting, type of clothing, and especially the music and the band are definitely 1920's jazz era type. Same story, but it's definitely not the Titanic. The ship in the movie is the "Atlantic" and all the characters are fictitious and maybe - stretching the point a bit - based on some from the Titanic.

It is an interesting movie from the historic stand point of being one of the first talkies.
But the acting is terribly "hammy" and also occasionally amusing. Especially "Mr. Rool".
Overall, if you are expecting something like any of the 1953 or later movies, you will find this one very lacking. About the only similarity is : The ship struck an iceberg and sank !
So much from the amateur wannabe movie critic. LOL

There is an interesting - audio only track - on my DVD of a re-enacentment of the cross-examinations in the U.S. Inquiry.
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