Does anybody know the births and deaths of these passengers

Andrew Maheux

Dec 4, 2000
Hi, I think this will be my last question for today. Anyway, Does anybody know the births and deaths of these passengers?

Births and deaths of -

Ellen Barber
Albina Bazzani
Amelia Bessette
Elizabeth Bonnell
Grace Bowen
Pierre Marechal
Madeleine Astor
Algernon Barkworth
Sarah Daniels
Caroline Endres
Antoinette Flegenheim
Margaret Flemming
John Flynn
Laura Francatelli
Amalie Geiger
Pauline Gibson
Hammad Hassad
Amelie Icard
Berthe LeRoy
Gustav Lesneur
Elise Lurette
Mary Marvin
George Rheims
Adolphe Saalfeld
Augusta Serreplan
Gertrude Thorne
Hugh Woolner

The Births of -

Kornelia Andrews
Helene Baxter
Master William Carter
Bertha Chambers
Paul Chevre
Dr. Washington Dodge
Dorothy Gibson
Edwiga Goldenberg
Myra Harper
Emilie Kreuchen
Elizabeth Lines
Roberta Maioni
James McGough
Mary Smith
Daisy Spedden
Marie Spencer
Elmer Taylor
Juliette Taylor
Marion Thayer
Mary Wick
Natalie Wick
Marie Young

And The Deaths of -

Genevieve Cassebeer
Anna Hogeboom
Harry Homer
Sigrid Lindstrom
Lillian Minahan
Helen Newsom
Edith Pears

Thank you

- Andrew

Edmund Turner

Hi Andrew, I think your best off just checking there biographies on this site you will find a lot of info on there .Of the top of my head i can tell you that Madeline Astor died in 1940 and Mary Wick was born around 1866/67.

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