Does anyone know if any glassware was recovered from the wreck intact


Erin Flanagan

I have heard that the pressure is so immense that all human remains were crushed. But what about objects like glassware and metals?

Tracey McIntire

Lots of glassware and metal objects have been recovered from the wreck site intact. RMS Titanic Inc. has a travelling exhibit of recovered items. I believe the reason that human remains were crushed was due to the fact that there was air inside the bodies that was affected by the outside water pressure.


Jan 22, 1998
They have found a lot of glassware intact. If you want to see some go to the Museum of Science & Industry before September to see the exhibit they have on the Titanic, it is really cool. But it leaves in September.

Hope this helps.

Nigel Hampson

Jun 17, 2000
There is a also a collection of replica glassware being made by one of the firms that actually supplied the real items to Titanic - and indeed most of the white star fleet. It's by Stuart Crystal, I have some of their items myself.
I can scan the relevent page of their brochure if anyone is interested.
The glassware has all been done to exactly the same patterns they used at the time, so it is as close as you can get to "owning" a piece of history! It's really high quality, quite lovely and so is not cheap!! But well worth it if you are a collector. Email me if anyone is interested.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
In 1998 perfectly genuine White Star glassware, identical to Titanic's, was on sale in Australia at a travelling exhibition. It came from Olympic and maybe other ships, as there was nothing special about Titanic's glassware. As I recall, you could buy a wine glass for about $100 US. I thought the designs were more practical than attractive. After all, they had to stand up to frequent washing as well as the North Atlantic.

Shane Kurup

Jul 31, 2000
There were alot of glassware and metal object recovered form the wreck site, such as white star water caraf's and saucepans. Ceramic items were also recovered such as plates, cups and saucers from the 1st class "a la carte" restaurant (a la carte means "order from the menu" in French"). If you would like to view some of these object's then here is a link:
www titanic-online com

if you would like to buy reproductions of Titanic
items such as plates then here are some links:

www collectiblesonline com

if you would like to bid for items at an auction for REAL and reproduced Titanic items then go to ebay
here you can get hold of postcards, survivors autographs and REAL artifacts.
Hope this helps you! Shane Kurup

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