Does anyone know more about these 4 passengers

Hi, Does anyone know more about these 4 passengers?, and when they were born and died.

Anna and Wiljo Hamalainen
Marta Hiltinen
and Mary Davidson

Any info will be great,


Hi Andrew,
I'm still in the thick middle of doing research on the Hamalainens--sometime in the not too distant future Filipe Prista and I will send the pertinent information to Phil Hind to be included on this site.

I don't have an exact date of birth on Martta Hiltunen but she died in the sinking.

Mary Finck Davison was born in Wiltshire, England on February 19, 1878 and died in Cleveland, Ohio on March 26, 1939. She remarried after losing her husband in the sinking but did not have children.

dj gulbranson

Hello Andrew, According to I'm going To See What Has Happened by Gerald Nummi and Janet White, Marta Hiltunen was born in 1894, Anna Hamalainen was born in 1890 and her son Wiljo (or Viljo) was 8 months old.Hope this helps, dj