Does anyone know of a website for Michel Navratil

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Randy Bryan Bigham


Thanks seems a small word for such a loving tribute. I know how sweet (and amusing!) your friendship was with Michel Navratil Jr. and how his passing saddened you.

Of all the people who sailed on Titanic - 90 years ago exactly as of next week - none have captivated us half as much as Michel Navratil and his sons, a heartbroken father recklessly fleeing a shattered marriage with his little boys, only to lose his own life for his haste. It is a story that touched the world in 1912 and still touches us today.

Thank you for helping Michel Jr. to be reunited with the family who cared for him and his brother after the disaster that claimed their father and for being there to comfort him when he visited for the first time the grave of his "Papa" where he made peace with him at last.

Shell, it seems you are always where you are needed. You are always ready to lend a helping hand, to give encouragement, to show love and spread joy. May God bless you for what you have done over the years, whether it was looking after Mrs. Robb, Mr. Drew and M. Navratil, or most recently, arranging a memorable and affecting salute to Walter Lord.

I think TI or one of the Titanic societies should consider instituting a Humanitarian Award to recognize those who contribute selflessly to the cause of education in this genre of history - people like George Tulloch and our own Phil Hind. But the very first person to receive such an award should be you.



Randy Bryan Bigham

The Titanic Waifs

Michel ("Lolo") and Edmond ("Momon") reunited in New York with their mother Marcelle Navratil.