Does anyone know where i may get hold of titanic photos

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Cassie Lacey

Hi all

My name is Cassie and i have a small problem.

Until about May last year I had all the famous titanic pictures you could think of in glass frames hanging in my bedroom.

That was until my step dad decided to smash all the frames tear the photos and set alight to them making sure no salvage operation was possible.

Thankfully i am not in that predicament any more but i am at a loss as to where i can get hold of them now.

Please can any of you help


Brian R Peterson

Hi Cassie,

You’re step dad sounds like a real winner, no disrespect. Why would he do something like that? I certainly hope the photos were not originals.

As for replacing them you can find 5X8 prints of just about every photo of the Olympic Titanic and Britannic under the sun on the Ulster Folk & Transportation Museum webpage and they are fairly cheap running around $10 - $15 each.

Best Regards,

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