Does anyone know who played the Greek Steerage Passenger in ANTR

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Aydan Dimitri Casey

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I am trying to put together a complete cast listing of ANTR and I would like to know if anyone knows the name of the actor who plays the Greek steerage passenger that a Steward (played by Norman Rossington) tries to tell to put his lifebelt on.
The link above is listed as the entire cast- including the uncredited actors- perhaps one of these listed as "steerage" is your man. We NEVER give up here. Carlton International bought out RANK FILMS inventory- I wrote to the President and CEO of Carlton- stay tuned. We thrive on a challenge here. Anybody else got an idea?
Aydan- AT LAST- Our man was on location and just got back to me (CEO and President of Carlton International Media Stephen Davis)-the actor was named Steve Plytas and was from Feltham Middlesex. He was paid 20 pounds per day according to his Form of Engagement contract. in 1957. Thanks also to supersleuth Mr. Jenkins of Carlton. Now Aydan- I claim a prize! How about a juicy moussaka?
I recall Steve Plytas as a character actor very well - he played numerous parts in assorted British movies over the years, generally Greek characters (or similar). He has a very distinctive voice. I wonder if he's still active?


Steve had a busy year in 1989, playing in Batman, Dilemma, and Superman 4. He was also in one of my favorite flicks with Haley Mills called The Moonspinners for Disney in 1964. I see nothing for him in film after 1989 but also see no obit either. Such a great face!
Steve's last television appearance seems to be in 1986 in the Sherlock Holmes series- the episode The Six Napoleons. He also did a couple of Avengers and Dr. Who. Hope he is having a good retirement.
His TV work also extended to 1989 with a small role in 'Goldeneye' - not the Bond film, but a dramatised biopic of Ian Fleming.
Mention the name of Steve Plytas and most people will respond with a blank look even when you list his many roles - until you get to the one that EVERYBODY remembers. So just say "Fawlty Towers - Gourmet Night - Kurt the chef" and watch their faces light up!
Bingo! Kurt, the amorous, drunken Greek chef who ruins Manuel's paella with meat...

I quite enjoy matching cast members across their various roles in other productions. Thanks, Bob - that one worked for me.

Gourmet Night has to be the most squirmingly painful episode to live through, too. Favourite scene: Basil completely losing it with the red mini.
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