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Does anyone round here wear a pocket watch?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The_One_And_Only, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. Thanks, same to you! :)
  2. Sure...some links would be cool. I've pretty much quit carrying my phone around and I dont really really like wrist watches that much. A pocket watch might be the ticket...Thanks.
  3. Ok Thanks. Lots of choices. I see yours is the mechanical type which I like. Dont really care for the battery ones. I will check out the US Amazon site.
  4. A. Gabriel

    A. Gabriel Member

    You folks have inspired me to go find my old pocket watch, given as a birthday present nine years ago, and actually use the dang thing instead of gathering dust. But how can it be used in the Philippines, where pickpocketing is an ever-present hazard on the daily commute?
  5. Chain, a good chain, i should imagine a thicker chain would work.

    Also, don't show it off, if you wear it on your jeans, pull your shirt down over it.

    If you wear it with a waistcoat, then do your jacket up.

    don't take it out of your pocket in shady areas.

    I believe waistcoats are harder to pickpocket as the majority of the pockets are on the front, and if you wear a nice blazer, it's even safer.

    Hope this helps!
  6. Jim Currie

    Jim Currie Member

    Hello Steven.

    I still have my Grandfather's gold Hamilton given to him at the end of WW1. I wore it a few times up until about 12 years ago. Then, I had a waistcoat with a fob pocket. It still keeps perfect time - if I keep it wound.
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  7. Nice. 1918...a hundread year old watch with a story behind it. Hold on tight to that one.