Does Lightoller perish

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Hi guys, just wondering of anyone knows if Lightoller lives or perishes in this version. He is last seen standing by Captain Smith singing 'Nearer my god to thee' just before the ship explodes and goes under. Do you think it is possible that he dives overboared at the last second, or that he dies?
"Titanic" (1953) isn't exactly known for its historical accuracy, so of course we don't get
(in the words of Paul Harvey) "the rest of the story" as far as Lightoller goes....sooo.... we're left up in the air as to his outcome in this version. For "the rest of the story", ANTR tells it better.

Back to paraphrasing the quote, "For entertainment, come to ["Titanic" (1953 or 1997)];for education, go to [ ANTR.]" (With apologies and thanks to Billy Rose for the original.) :)

Inger Sheil

I don't think it's ever specified.

If he does go down with the ship, he's not the only deck officer to survive the sinking in reality, only to perish (apparently) in a later cinematic incarnation. Boxhall and Moody, as you may have noticed, were amalgamated for the 1996 telemovie. The resulting character, however, is called 'Boxhall' (for all he performs Moody's role as well), and he is last seen still on board as Murdoch commits suicide, asking 'My God...why have you abandoned us?'

Lowe then usurps Boxhall's real-life role in reporting the loss of the ship to Rostron.
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