Does your sondaughter share your fascination with Titanic


Tarn Stephanos

In my time working at the Titanic exhibits, I encountered quite a few parent/child visitors, where both were equally fascinated with Titanic- They all seemed to share a truly unique bond- If I have kids- I pray one of them is a Titanic buff- anyone fortune enough to have a son/daughter who is as big a Titanic enthusiast as you?
Steven Hall

Steven Hall

Tarn, my wife has no interest in Titanic at all.
My son Luke and daughter Karina care about it even less.
The only people I talk to about Titanic are those I see online.
Funny really, you'd think someone that has co-authored 3 Titanic books would be in demand to comment about Titanic. Ha, I haven’t spoken publicly on Titanic in 3 years.
So in this house, Titanic is just something dad has an interest in. Trust me, having someone interested in Titanic don’t rub off onto others in the house.

Ben Lemmon


If I have kids- I pray one of them is a Titanic buff
I hear you, Tarn. My mother is a little bit interested in Titanic, but that's about it. No one else in my family shares my fascination. *Sigh* That is so not fun. But yeah, when I do have kids, I would like them to be Titanic buffs like me. That may be wishful thinking. Though it also may be the only thing that would link me to my kids, especially if they like sports. That is one fascination I do not hold dear.​