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Dog Breeds on the Titanic

Discussion in 'Real Dogs' started by Jason Schleisman, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. I thought I remembered reading somewhere a few years ago that there was a Chow Chow aboard the Titanic. Is this true? If so, to whom did it belong?
  2. Ben Lemmon

    Ben Lemmon Member

    Hello Jason,

    White Star: A Dog on the Titanic depicts the various breeds of dogs on the Titanic. I know it is a children's novel, but it is surprisingly informative nonetheless. If you would like, I could look up the various breeds there are in the book. If it does not describe the exact breeds (although I'm sure it does), there is a bibliography in the back that might help find what you're looking for. Hopefully I can be of help.
  3. Thank you Ben. I have not read that book, but if it does contain anything factual about the dogs, or at least list good references to explore, then I would be most grateful. happy.gif
  4. Doggies? Jason read a NTR. Walter Lord goes into some detail of the passengers dogs.
  5. Perhaps that's where I originally read about Chows. I don't remember (pretty bad huh?), it's been about 17 years since I last read that book. I'll have a look again.
  6. Ben Lemmon

    Ben Lemmon Member

    Ah, George, you're getting that old western song in my head. It goes a little something like "Yippee-tay-yie-yay, Get along little doggies." If you read into the song, it's really telling you to go buy a Dachshund. Perhaps the writer was a famous breeder of said dogs??

    I don't have the book with me (White Star) but I did look at it last night, right before I fell asleep. I think that the dogs on the Titanic were the following breeds: Pomeranian, Chow Chow (the one you were wondering about), Airedales (probably the most famous ones), and bulldogs. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if you found something in ANTR about other breeds.

    There is also an article about the Titanic animals in one of the Atlantic journals, the one that seems to be pretty common here (can't recall the EXACT name right now, sorry). Either I saw the article here, or it was in my book last night. I will keep looking and inform you if anything turns up.
  7. Ben Lemmon

    Ben Lemmon Member

    I looked once more and found the aforementioned article. It is entitled "The Animals on board the Titanic" by Loannis Georgiou. The journal is the "Atlantic Daily Bulletin." I'm not sure of the date, though. You might talk to Shelley, as she is the one from whom I found the information from. Or you could Google it. I'm surprised at the amount of things I can find by Googling phrases and such.
  8. Alrighty, I have answered my own question (with a bit of helpful prodding of course from Ben and George). After looking again through my books, it turns out that there WAS a Chow Chow aboard the Titanic! It was brought aboard by 1st Class passenger, Harry Anderson. Harry Anderson survived in boat no. 3 whilst his Chow did not survive.

    I'm surprised there is no mention of Mr. Anderson's Chow Chow in his respective biography on this site. After all, the Astor's Airedale is mentioned in J.J. Astor's bio. Apparently, according to Don Lynch, Harry's Chow was valued at US $50.

    My own beloved Chow Chow:

    RIP old boy.
  9. What a lovely Chow-Chow Jason.

    I read in Charles Pellegrino's Titanic where he mentions Edith Russell's{Rosenblum} diary in which she mentions and a friend and her leaving a puppy who belonged to a friend locked in a cabin the night the ship sank. sad.gif It might of been Anderson's Chow. Did Mr. Anderson know Miss Russell. Useless info and also depressing. Bad Geo.

    I'm a cat fancier myself. I have my little Sukie. Who's a Grey Cat. I never got into Dogs.
    125549.jpg My Sukie (Dark Gray) and her son Tom (Light Gray and white)
  10. Cute kitties, Geo. They look purrrrfectly happy and content! happy.gif
  11. What ornery kitties! They were probably plotting yet more mischief to do. Milk to steal or dishes to break or stuff to knock over
  12. >>Milk to steal or dishes to break or stuff to knock over<<

    A cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do. wink.gif

    Most of our cats are now middle aged but our latest addition is a tuxedo/Russian blue which literally walked right up to our doorstep three months ago. She's about nine months old now and just full of energy.
  13. Michael,

    You have a Russian Blue? Maybe you could tell me if Sukie resembles your Cat or has the look of a Russian Blue? People who see her think she is.

    Cats will do that. We found Sukie right after she was weaned. Just started sleeping on our porch. Then we started feeding her and before you knew it winter was on the way so there you go. Meet our new cat Sukie.
  14. >>You have a Russian Blue?<<

    Russian blue/tuxedo. The gray is similer to Sukie's but without the hint of tabby like stripes.

    I named her Catherine The Great after the Russian empress with the....errrrrrr...racy lifestyle. Our own Kate is racy allright though not in the way her namesake was. A real warp speed bundle of energy.
  15. I have three black-and-white (bog standard, in other words) cats, two of which 'belong' to my sons, though they are of course, actually mine - or I am theirs, rather. The third, a female kitten, was dumped into my arms a year ago, aged about 14 weeks, by a neighbour who said,
    "My 3-year old is trying to kill her, you know what kids are like."
    "Um ...no ..?"
    "Well, he's trying to smash her head against the wall. Anyway, we're moving tomorrow, and I can't take her with us, so I thought you'd like her. She's black and white, so she'll match your other two."
    What sort of person thinks small children all try to kill animals, and that we all want matching cats?

    Anyway, I took her in, as there seemed no alternative, and after a few days of hissing and fussing the other two older males started looking after her. So she's still with us, and I still think we have too many cats, but she's tiny, brave and adorable, and has the entire household - human and feline - under her small paw. So she's here to stay, which is fine, though I do wish she exhibited slightly less prowess as the most lethal hunter in the neighbourhood.
  16. Three cats too much? We have ten. Most of them adoptions or rescues of some sort. Wish we could take in a couple more but that's really not practical. There's only so much room in the house.

    The hissing at first is normal when a newcomer arrives. They sort things out and usually do a better job of it then people do.
  17. Hey Michael,
    Sukie is the one in back. She has a grey coat with a silvery sheen. Tom her son is the on up front with the white tabby strips.

    We have 2 lucky us. Sukie's daughters look just like Main Coon Cats and a neighbor took them happily. Leaving us Tom. It worked out for the best. After she weaned them Sukie didn't want her 2 girls around any more. In Fact she really isn't to fond of Tom either.
  18. >>In Fact she really isn't to fond of Tom either.<<

    Sounds familier. We took in a mamacat who was being neglected by her owner (He thought an unfed cat would make a better mouser, which isn't true.) and two of her surviving kittens. They tolerate each other to a point but give each other their space otherwise.