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Dog Show on Monday

Discussion in 'Real Dogs' started by Matthew O'Brien, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. I recall reading in Titanic: An Illustrated History" that an unofficial dog show was being organized in the first class for Monday the 15th. Does anyone know where the author discovered this? I have never read it outside of this book. IF a dog show was indeed going to take place, where would such an event be staged? What pets would be involved?


  2. What happened to the animals on the Titanic? Where any rescued? Anyway Matt, it would probably be staged in Second class. Although I'm unsure of any officialy true info. Alle
  3. Only a very small number of them managed to get into a lifeboat with their owners. I think that there were only two dogs on board that survived. Mrs. Rothschild escaped with her pomeranian and Mr. Daniel left with his dog I think. It has been reported but never confirmed that as the ship sank a member of the crew opened the kennels to let the animals loose. However, only the two or so that left with their owners lived through the ordeal.

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  4. Rothschild, Margaret Hays and Henry Harper all saved their dogs. There were about 10 or so dogs on board, the rest of whom went down with the ship. Some speculate that it was Robert Daniel who opened the kennels.
  5. Brian Meister

    Brian Meister Member

    Matthew and All,

    The information comes as a claim to the effect
    by Mrs Samuel L Goldenberg that a dog show
    featuring the canines travelling aboard Titanic
    was on the tapis. Whether or not it got the
    go-ahead from the Captain, et al, is another

  6. Astor, Anne Isham had dogs that died with Titanic. The other owners of dogs I don't know.
  7. T. Eric Brown

    T. Eric Brown Member

    I heard someone brought some french hens along too. Anybody hungry?
  8. Where were the kennels located? Have they been explored recently. I was just wondering if they found the gates locked or opened if they had been explored.
  9. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Nobody knows for sure where the kennels were located, but the two main possibilities (down on E deck with the butchers and right on top behind the 4th funnel) are either inaccessible or flattened, so the evidence would be hard to find. There are several threads which include discussions about the location; try this one:

  10. >>I was just wondering if they found the gates locked or opened if they had been explored.<<

    And on that side note, I'd have to point out that the notion of the "Locked Gates" has a lot more in common with misunderstanding of what was testified to and myth then reality. If you go to http://home.comcast.net/~bwormst7/Symposium/gates.html and have Powerpoint, you may wish to review Cathy Akers-Jordan presentation at the 2004 Titanic Symposium on this very subject.

    For the record, the "locked gates" spoken to in the actual testimony are the waist high gates at the top of the stairs leading up from the Well Decks of 3rd Class to the B-Deck promanade area.
  11. Mark Webster

    Mark Webster Member

    I once read in a small paperback book, Iv unfortunately now lost, that it was J.J Astor himself who tried to rescue the dogs.
    It said that after he helped Madeline into the lifeboat he watched her getting lowered then went to the kennels to free his own dog Kitty, and let the other dogs loose as well.
    Does anyone know how true this tale is?
  12. I don't know how true this is, but I thought that after the incident in Europe where the Astors almost lost Kitty, that the dog slept in their cabin. I wonder if any of the dogs were in the kennels at all! Of all the pets on board that we know, most seem to have been in the cabin with their owners, such as Rothschild, Harper, Hays (all saved), Bishop, Daniel, (Astor?), Carters (apparently the dogs occasioanlly came to visit the B deck stewardesses - they couldn't do that if they were locked up in a kennel).


  13. the dog show was to be held on the grand staircase.
  14. jamie hague

    jamie hague Member

    I know this is a bit late but any thoughts upon whom would have won the dog show? I am biased being a French bulldog fan but without a doubt the regal little Frenchie would have taken the gold cup.