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Dogs & kennels

Discussion in 'Real Dogs' started by AL Glover, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. AL Glover

    AL Glover Member

    just a curious question, but does anyone know
    #1, where were they pets kept on board?
    If in the hold when walked were they walked up all the flights of stairs to an ioen deck & then to the fintail to "go"

    did the real Titanic, have "'electric lift",
    (elevators) or was that just the movie,
    thank U
  2. There was a kennel on board the Titanic.
    We have previously been discussing the wareabouts of this kennel. Some statements suggests it was located on the boat deck and others that it was somewhere down below decks.
    Seems most likely that it would have been situated on the boat deck however.

    Titanic had four electic lifts for passenger use.
    Three were located just behind the forward first class grand staircase (Just as seen in JC movie) and one was located in the forward second class staircase. There was one operator for each of these lifts.
  3. AL Glover

    AL Glover Member

    Hello Stefan, THANK U,That brings up another question about the lifts,it would seem,( I mean IF we who read this & think)if i was on the lowest passenger desk of the ship, the fastest way to the life boat would be to take the "lift" & not worry about scrambleing up the stairs,or did they not go down to 3rd class section, thank U again,,,AA
  4. The first class lifts went from A-deck down to
    E-deck. All though 3rd class passenger resided on this same deck as the first class passengers, they had no access to the first class areas and so they would not have been able to use the lifts to get up to the top of the ship.
    The same goes for the second class lift which reached from Boat-deck to E-deck or possibly F-deck (I'm not sure about how far it went). Third class passengers did not have access to this lift either.

    The lifts were closed when the ship began to take on a tilt so no-one would actually have been able to escape using the lifts.
  5. Hello, I was wondering what did pet owners do when their pet needed to go to the bathroom? I know that question seems strange, but i was watching jc's titanic, and they showed dogs on there and thats the reason for the question. If someone could answer the question i would appriciate it, if not, than thats ok too Thanks