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Dogs on the Titanic

Discussion in 'Real Dogs' started by Andrew Maheux, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Andrew Maheux

    Andrew Maheux Member


    I was wondering, is there any existing pictures of the passengers dogs or mabee the French Hens and rooster. I've seen pictures of the Astors Dog Kitty and Henry Harpers pekignese Sun Yat Sen. But none of the other dogs.


  2. Here's my question(s) folks.. I'll try to be short and brief. I was wondering what types of dogs were on board? I know that some of the dogs (at least the ones I know about) belonged to first class passengers. Were second and third class allowed to bring dogs with them as well and if so were they in the same kennel or separated too? Does anyone know if there were any toy dog breeds there? I am the soon to be owner of a toy dog. (Not sure which breed yet, Yorkshire terrier, maltese, bichon...?) Anyway I was just wondering. If there is somewhere else on this site about the dogs where might that be located at? Sincerely, Melissa Kalson
  3. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

  4. Thanks Bob.. It's been quite illuminating. Sincerely, Melissa K.
  5. It most likely has been covered in other threads, but I can never think of Walter Lord's 'A Night to Remember' without recalling its first page and the vivid pictures of those dogs and their owners as they walk aboard the great ship!

  6. jamie hague

    jamie hague Member

    Hi Andrew, Im a new member so this message is six years late! Try Robert Williams Daniel and his champion french bulldog with the same name as my username
  7. I know that The John Astor's had their dog, Kitty, on board. Anyone know if any other dogs were on the Titanic?

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