Dome from Olympic 1990 Sale really Britannics?


Mar 14, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
Hey I'm just curious of people opinions. I was searching through the Olympics catalogue from the auction in 2004 and they had the glass dome they found in the factory that they said was from the Olympic but wound up being a mystery cause it didn't fit the dimensions for Olympics.

Well since we barely know what happened to the fancier fittings from when Britannic was reverted back and forth from the Hospital Ship to the Passenger Liner, as well as what was taken off or left on, maybe they took the dome out for safety and put it in storage? It would seem a reasonable thing to me. Then, when the auction of Britannic's fittings came about (I THINK in 1919) they sold the dome off and as time passed it got confused as a piece off the Olympic.

As I've read, that most of those fittings (that didn't go down with the ship obv) would've been generally stored with other White Star Line fittings.

Thoughts? Does anyone have any facts on this?

North Atlantic Run - RMS Olympic Haltwhistle Auction
(Link to Olympics 2004 auction)