With all due respect, but if you are referring to Demo 3, keep in mind that it wasn’t the final product. It dated back to Mid-2017 and in the present they acknowledged some of their mistakes in that demo (some were made on purpose to avoid copying). As far as I am aware they currently have more resources than they had back then, such as the iron plans of the Olympic which they received last year. They acknowledged themselves not being 100% accurate, since they know they cannot recreate the ship in her fullest of how she truly was. They claim the whole process is the same as the engineers in Michael Crighton’s Jurassic park, with the information that we have on the Olympic class liners being the mosquito blood trapped in the amber and the information of other vessels as the frog DNA. For a long while now Kyle Hudak has been working on a new hull, and the one in demo 3 isn’t the end product. After the departure of Thomas Lynskey from the project it has taken a new direction all together which they recently expressed in their recent videos.
Titanic was constructed on the same layout and deck plans from the Olympic, is pretty we’ll know that 400 and 401 was made it with the exact same plans… only for making Titanic the biggest one (in ships bigger also means gross tons) Titanic desing includes more wayyyy more wood paneling with really and beautiful hand works, also more heavier furnishings…. And minor exterior changes like the enclosure of the first class promenade at front of the ship and disappearing of suites long promenade giving private spaces to each or few suites on that space, besides that all the entire designs was exactly the SAME! The real estate of historic places and events. Titanic deserves a memorable historic Report but also AN ACCURATE ONE
The statement that the Olympic and Titanic were identical in their general arrangement is absolutely false. In May 1911 The Shipbuilder magazine published a plan of the Olympic and Titanic in their current state, which wasn’t relevant to the Titanic anymore when she entered service. Only the starboard (sitting room B-51 (in the Adam style), B-53 (in the Italian Renaissance style) B-55 (in the Harland and Wolff bedroom A style) on the starboard side) and port palour suites (B-52 (in the Louis XVI style), B-54 (in the Empire style) and B-56 (Harland and Wolff bedroom A style) on the port side) had the access to a private promenade, both have been photographed. The rest of the special staterooms from B-57 (in the Modern Dutch style) to B-98 (In the Harland and Wolff bedroom B style) were extended to the side of the ship (with an exception of B-61, B-62, B-67, B-68, B-73, B-74, B-79, B-80, B-85, B-86, B-91 and B-92 which were smaller in-board staterooms near the special staterooms). The Titanic (hull 401) improved upon certain points that were noted on the Olympic her first two voyages by both Thomas Andrews Jr and Mr. Ismay. Such as the fact that the B-deck promenade was practically unused. Hence why both the standard, special stateroom, á la carte restaurant, it’s pantry and galley were extended outboard. I can point out serval more differences if you like but you can take my word on it that they weren’t identical at the time when the Titanic entered service, between July 1911 and April 1912 a lot of changes were made to them in the same manner as with the older class which is now referred to as “The Big Four” (the Celtic, Cedric, Baltic and Adriatic, which were built at Harland and Wolff between 1899 to 1907).

There’s a lot of real photos of Olympicˋs dome and it was ROUNDED, also Titanic one was designed the same, even Britannic has it; the only real ship with differ design was the Britannic with few haul changes most of it on stern but also heavily changed before Titanic ˋs disaster Making her look extremely awful….. but also britannic has a rounded dome and if some of you don’t believe that take a look and search some wreck photos showing a fragment of the real dome, neither of the three sisters has elliptical domes….
Regarding the dome I believe you possibly confused the after Louis XIV staircase with the forward one, the after Louis XIV staircase went from A to C-deck and had a smaller and more rounded dome.