Don Smith What happened to him in the end Was he a fraud



There was a guy who claimed to be Captain Smiths Newphew or something some years back - he appeared on TV , video's and at conventions. He also signed things. Then I remember something about him not being a possible fraud ? Did he come fourth and prove himself in the end ? Never heard the end of all of that.
Don't know if it's true but I heard Don Smith stormed out of a convention presentation a few years ago after an expert told those gathered that Captain Smith was downright foolish to plough ahead in an area that was littered with so much ice.

I also heard that there was some doubt expressed as to the legitimacy of Don Smith's claim, something to do with the family history and lineage etc. When Don Smith was confronted with this I heard he said he didn't have to prove anything to anybody.

All this is heresay to me and I only mention it so that someone may be able to confirm or deny it.


My mates use to tell me The Titanic was a geeky thing to be interested in
- not that I care anymore what they think. Anyway at that time I lost touch with the Titanic when all this was going on...

So has he vanished ?

Miles, your question is an interesting one that raises important and sensitive issues. Because Mr Smith and a mutual friend - whose name all of us on ET know - would never reply, I will attempt to do so. Yet, it is only with great reluctance, and the intention of respecting every confidence we exchanged and every promise I made. That being so, what can be left for me to say? Merely this: Mr Smith never made - nor would it be in character for him to ever make - any 'claim for himself'. Rather - with both innocence and intelligence - he continued to believed what had been told him, with assurances and material proofs, from earliest childhood. An altogether fine person; upright, unassuming and without 'side'. I personally regret - though I fully understand and respect it - that Mr Smith remains intent upon never again - even privately - discussing his being or his not being the 'great-nephew of Captain Smith of the Titanic'. Not even if he is.
I always thought he looked a little like Captain Smith, but I never heard the end of this. Poor bloke if he was always told that he was the great nephew of Smith from a young child and then found out after being such a public figure in the Titanic world that he was not after all, or probably not a relation. The whole episode must have been quite embarrassing, and upsetting.
Well I brought the subject up after referring to a book by Arthur C Clarke and his book where he mentions air pockets and people being trapped inside once Titanic went under. I don't know what Monica brought up ? Will have to look back. Is she talking about the eyes popping etc ?

I asked my dad if it were possible and he said it would have been a certainty that people would have been inside the ship and there would have been pockets of air.

Unlike me he’s quite intelligent