Dorothy Florence Sage and family


Izleta Wells

Hi!!! Im doing a diary by Dorothy for english. I found out about them first from this sight and I liked their names. Anyway know I have found them very interesting and I know somethings about her and her family, but if anyone knows anything interesting about them/their lives etc I would be very happy and appreciative :D
hello Izleta,
i'm not a moderator here, but from a members point of veiw, In future could you make just one thread about the sages instead of three different ones about the same thing. it just makes it easier to reply to something in one place, instead of flipping through different threads.

i think it was dorothy, (known as Dolly to her family) who fell down a well, a family freind pulled her out by her hair, and stopped her from drowning. their was a common superstition at the time, that if you are saved from drowning, you would die from drowning.
maybe you could maybe use that as a factor for Dorothy not getting into a boat, plus her mother had a fear of water.