Dorothy Gibson


Nathan Ottosen

Does anyone have information on the exact date and location of birth for Dorothy W. Gibson? I have so far been unable to come across this information in books or on the internet. Information about her mother Pauline Boeson Gibson would also be greatly appreciated.




Dorothy Gibson was born to Pauline C. Boeson (then Mrs Brown) and her husband (Mr Brown's name unknown) in Hoboken, New Jersey. Unfortunately, all I know is that she was born in 1890, her mother in 1867 and the date of her mother's death is unknown, but it is clear the date of Dorothy Gibson Brulatour's death: 20 February 1946, which you have already discovered here. What became of Mrs Leonard Gibson, Dorothy's mother, and her stepfather is unknown, but by the time she wrote her will and testament, her mother was obviously alive. I hope this has been of some help, and I credit an excellent Titanic historian for his brilliance on knowing the name of Dorothy's father, Mr Brown. The historian is Phillip Gowan.